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Book Cover Design

It is true that the cover do not make the book, but they are able to sell it. We live in the design world. We are surrounded by products that have a different design solution. The book is no exception.

Of course, we do not need to judge the quality of books on the basis of its covers, but most often the covers are what exactly attracts us first to a book. That’s why we put on a particular book on a bookshelf. Shakespeare can also be sold without a cover, but the cover are something even an unspecified writer can point out.

What do you get if you hire me to create a cover for your book?

I am one of the few graphic designers who is a writer at the same time. It follows me to know well both worlds, to speak both languages. I know what kind of magic is hidden in the writing process. I know, does not exist more magic than writing. And as the author of this blog and literary critic, I complete the approach to literary work from all possible perspectives. Design is not artwork, can’t never be an artwork. Your book is an artwork. Design is just marketing. A tool that must effectively transmit the author’s message into visual experience. I’m trying to offer you such design solutions. Those who will, in a clear, concise, simple but effective way, convey the idea of the text – the visual essence of the words hidden between the cover of your book.

Call me, so let’s find the best design solution for your book. You can contact me on the following e-mail: dizajnsdknjiga@gmail.com

A few examples of my designs:

Jutarnja zvezda Zetva cover back spine Sakalovo cover Zetva 3D spine Coveri

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